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Most Artist tend to spend there money and time solely on hours in the studio, instrumentals, CD / Album covers, and all the other things needed to create great music. While to be honest a lot of artist forget about marketing. Even though they Know it can really help in the development of there fan base and also help get them quality feedback on all the awesome music that they have produced. Either way you either can't find the time or maybe lack the technical skill to do it all yourself.
This is where we can help.
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How To Submit Your Video:
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Step #3
Click The Submit Your Video button below. NOTE: We are currently ONLY accepting video submissions.
After clicking the button below you will land on a Facebook page. Click the Send Message button to send us a message on Facebook.
In your message write "ARTIST SUBMISSION" and include the links of the video(s) you would like to be considered.
* WARNING! We do not accept all submissions.
Unlike most others, We review all submissions. Quality control is of the utmost importance to us. We only accept submissions with decent audio and video quality. We currently do not feature audio only, so please do not submit sound cloud links.
One of the main reasons you may be denied is due to low quality audio, video, or excessive cursing, which may make it tough to qualify for Facebook advertising.
If you are denied, you are more than welcome to make another submission with a different video, to see if your video is acceptable!
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Artist Feature & Promotion Pricing
$55 Per Post
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