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"Before getting the program I wasn’t sure, but now that I understand the full power of it, I’m so glad I got it.
This makes video-creation incredibly simple, and it does most of the work for you.
For example, all I have to do is write or copy the script for my video, paste it into the program, and it automatically analyzes the text and cuts it up into small section to fit it in individual slides.
Plus, the program works straight in your browser. There’s no need to download anything!"

Joe Emmerson (Business Owner)
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"When recording the audio for the video you don’t have to do it all in one big chunk. You record one sentence, click next, record the next sentence, and then go through the whole thing to see if you’re happy with the sentences. Once you’re done, it glues all of your sentences together into one smooth soundtrack.You can manually adjust the timing of the video if you’re unhappy with how the program set it up. I Love It...." Marc van der Broguen
I can create unlimited videos, anytime, anywhere and I have full control. I save on paying other people to do my videos. I do it all in my browser and can create profitable videos in as little as 15 minutes. It's a no brainer for me! Dr. Sheena Reckard, M.D
Yes! I want to know how to make stunning videos fast! Please show me the video of how this software will work for me!
Who Is This Amazing Software For?
This is for all of those that are looking for an easy to use video creator tool for video marketing or teaching purposes.

That includes:

Small business owners.

Internet marketers.

Affiliate marketers.

Niche marketers.

Email marketers.

Social marketers.

Content marketers.

Video sales letter marketers.

YouTube channel owners.

Facebook users and fan page owners.

SEO experts trying to capture more traffic from Google and YouTube.

SEO agencies.

Here are just 3 of our many 1000's of users.