Would You Like To Capture Your Beautiful Wedding Moments In Video?
Capturing Beautiful Wedding Moments...
Would you like to send a stunning wedding video invitation announcing the special date to your family and friends without spending a fortune?
Or would you like to capture the beautiful celebratory moments, you shared with your friends and family, to re-experience in video again without breaking the bank?
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If Yes, Watch 60 Second Video Below!
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If YES, you can now finally do so by simply sending us up to 6 or 10 photos of the most precious, fun and joyful memories of your wedding day. Or even send us photos of before the big day for us to create a breath-taking 60 second video at an affordable price.
Your stunning wedding video can be shared with friends and family via social media, uploaded to google drive to send to your whatsapp friends, email or any other way so that they can feel a part of your celebrations too.
We will need the following information sent to MyWedding@esparkleonline.com or you can message us on our Facebook page @esparkleonline.
1. Brides name and grooms name
2. Message to go on the ring (Title or Wedding Vow)
3. End title next to ring
4. Please send 5 photos in recommended resolution: 2048x1482 px for best results. Photos in first half of video is 18x13cm format. Please send an additional 4 photos in 2048x1670 size or bigger. Other proportions will show black bars. Please also indicate what photos you want to appear on the ring during the intro and outro of the videos)
5. Select music style A, B, C or D
This video will take up to 2 to 4 days to complete and will be delivered in MP4 format.
Select Your Music Style...
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