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These secrets have helped an established Real Estate Agent Skyrocket their Visibility on Facebook and be more Dynamic in marketing their property listings.
Dear Real Estate Professional,    
It’s tough out there.  
I get that.  
It’s true that thousands of Real Estate professionals will spend a countless number of hours on Facebook every week, so that they can win more instructions, sell more properties and rent out more accommodation.
 A few (a very few) will succeed wildly.        
A few more will wallow in the sad mud of mediocrity, neither experiencing the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat. These will live in “no man’s land”.
Most will fail. Miserably and repeatedly. When I say “most”, I mean 97%.
Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures - after all, the odds are over 97% that you have.
Maybe you know what it’s like to strike out for your goal with enthusiasm, only to smash into a brick wall time and time again.
You do your very best to increase visibility, brand awareness, build trust and recruit new leads from your Facebook business page. But, you end up wasting time taking random actions with no strategic roadmap - and you follow the same out-dated marketing methods other local agents are using - that produce little or no results instead.
Maybe you have suffered this kind of burning humiliation more than once. Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to really figure out how to master Facebook marketing to grow your business the way you want it.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Don’t feel bad - you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.
The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part.
The reason why you can’t seem to leverage Facebook to grow your business is really quite simple, and even easy to fix. What has held you back is that you’ve not been focusing on some key factors that can make all the difference to your success.
Let that soak in. What that means is that:
All You Need Is A Coach That Has “Helped Real Estate Agents Who Have Been This Way Before”, And Then You Can Begin To Skyrocket Your Visibility, Get Noticed And Recruit New Clients That Wants To Do Business With Only You!
It’s really that simple. But maybe not obvious.
The truth is though, every great accomplishment involves learning from what’s not working, assessing what driving results and testing new strategies so that you can see new growth. Sometimes that’s not obvious to us. Sometimes we think others were just born with natural Facebook marketing abilities.
They weren’t.
At one time, every Real Estate professional started right where you are right now.
There’s no reason holding you back from the same kind of success that others enjoy.
And there’s even better news: you can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you.
Because right now, there’s my brand-new Facebook for Real Estate Professionals One-Day course.
Give Me Less Than 6 Hours and I’ll Give You A 14 Day Facebook Marketing Plan That Works!
On the one-day course, there’s no wasting time with generic Facebook training that fits all industries. But it’s bespoke to the real estate industry and cuts out all the fluff by providing proven strategies that work and can grow your property business.
If You Can Show Up and “Click On Your Computer Mouse”, Then You can start the Process To Grow Your Facebook Visibility, Get Noticed And Recruit More Landlords, Tenants, Sellers and Buyers!
Maybe you feel like you’ve tried plenty of marketing strategies on Facebook before, but it just never works out. So you’re probably fairly skeptical about some bespoke Facebook for Real Estate Professionals one-day training course being the answer to finally giving you the marketing edge needed to rent and sell your properties and boost your visibility.
But this Facebook for Real Estate Professionals One-Day training course is different. That’s because you get five important components…
Discover 6 strategies to create a Magnetic and Eye-catchy Facebook page that puts the Spot Light on your business, builds Trust and Confidence to do business with you.
Component 1: Upgrade Your Facebook Page To Attract More Business
Component 2: Using Your Facebook Personal Profile To Make More Business Connections
Learn a powerful social networking strategy that can help you to Connect, Engage and Build up Relationships with new landlords, tenants, home sellers and buyers.
Component 3: Set Up A Facebook Group To Increase Engagement
Learn the best way to set up a Facebook group to list your properties, or to target a hyper local area. You'll also discover how to Position Yourself as the Authority, the best way to Grow Your Audience; and finally, how to engage inside the group to rent, sell or win a new instructions.
Component 4: Amplify Your Reach & Visibility with Facebook Advertising
Discover 4 effective ways to use Facebook Ads to put your property listings and company brand in front of tons of landlords, buyers, sellers or tenants.
Component 5: Boost Your Exposure Using The Facebook Market Place
Learn how to Gain more Exposure for your company and property listings, inside the Facebook Marketplace, by connecting directly with potential home buyers.
It’s Time To Get Noticed. Now or Never!
When you complete the one-day training course, you’ll have a 14 day fast action marketing plan that you can practically apply when you get back to the office.
I’ll even be given you access to a secret Facebook group where you’ll still be able to get access to me and others students on the course.
When you join us for the Facebook for Real Estate Professionals One-Day course, on Saturday 9th June 2018 based in London (Live In Person Training). Or alternatively, for those of you that can't make it to London, don't worry as I've got you covered!
• What you must do before you even think about posting a property listing or any content on your Facebook business page.
• Understand exactly how anyone can find, connect and engage with more landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants on Facebook – it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different then you think, too)!
• The secret to setting up and growing a Facebook group, even if you have no connections.
• How to increase your visibility on Facebook and get noticed (the usual advice is out of date and doesn’t work any more).
These are the same secrets I’ve used to help an established estate agent, in London, skyrocket their visibility and be more dynamic in the Facebook marketing. And I feel sure these Facebook marketing secrets will work for you!
Here’s what other people have said about my Facebook Marketing training courses:
Who Else Wants To Discover How To Attract More Landlords, Buyers Or Sellers In Less 6 Hours Using Facebook?
• You might not be effectively differentiating your marketing, from other local agents to win more property instructions, because of lack of knowledge.
• You might not have a compelling business profile, or you don't post the right information on your Facebook page, that builds trust and confidence to do business with you.
• Or you’re not promoting the fact that you offer a premium service.
Here’s exactly what you’re getting right now:
• The One-Day Facebook for Real Estate Professionals training course, on Wednesday 6th June 2018 (LIVE) online & Saturday 9th June 2018 in London, which is Personal Live Training with Cassandra.
• The world’s most powerful Facebook marketing strategies specifically for Real Estate professionals – this works like crazy!
• The sneaky (but ethical) way to connect and engage with more Landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants!
• The reason why you should never create a post or Facebook ad before you know this one very important thing!
• The strange truth about how “the look and feel of your Facebook business page” directly affects your ability to get more calls or enquiries!
• How the Real Estate experts attract more leads, without being on Facebook 24 hours and 7 days per week!
• My proven 5-step strategy for getting better results in your Facebook marketing – it’s as simple as 123!
• And I’ll even show you how to connect with more targeted people in less than 20 minutes per day – not only is it possible, it’s easier to do it this way!
And that is only the beginning. After you have attended the Facebook for Real Estate Professionals One-Day course, what once appeared dark and mysterious will suddenly become clear and easy!
Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind…
How Much Does It Cost?
You’re smart. You looked around and you know that other Facebook Marketing training courses or Facebook Boot Campus sell for hundreds of pounds per person.
And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much to skyrocket your visibility and give you the marketing edge to rent and sell your properties.
In fact, I believe it’s worth a multiple of those other products, if only because of the fact that together, we will go through proven-strategies that are tailored specifically to the real estate industry.
Think about this…
If the only thing the Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training course did was to show you how to skyrocket your visibility and get noticed more by landlords, buyers and sellers it would be worth £497, yes?
If the only thing the Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training course did was showed you proven strategies to get that marketing edge to rent and sell your properties… it would be worth £497, yes?
If the only thing Facebook for Property Professionals training course showed you how to dramatically improved the look and feel of your Facebook business page to instill more trust and confidence for landlords, sellers, buyers and tenants want to do business with you… it would be worth £497, yes?
If the only thing the Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training course did was to show you some of the best ways to advertise on Facebook to drive more traffic to your offers… it would be worth £497, yes?
If the only thing Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training course did was to show you how to set up Facebook group and attract new leads everyday… it would be worth £497, yes?
The good news is Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training course does every single one of those things, and more! But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay £497. In fact, it won’t even cost you £297.
But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay £497. In fact, it won’t even cost you £297.
Because when you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total investment only comes to £99. However, this price is only for the first 3 people and it will increase to £127 and then to £197. When the clock timer goes down to zero, the price will increase. There are only 10 spaces available per day, so act fast now so you won’t be disappointed.
Pay Only £99 £297 Today!
The reason why it’s this inexpensive is simple: I don’t want money to stand in your way…And I also want to let you get to know me and the value I bring. Maybe you’ll want to take our business relationship further, and invest in getting my help directly.
If you’re still wavering, and haven’t made your decision, what would have to happen for this to be the easiest decision you’ve made in a long time. First remember this is the very best way to give you the marketing edge to rent and sell your properties and boost your visibility.
... Then let’s make the deal even juicier...
When You Act Now and You’re Also Getting 3 Bonus Products 100% FREE!
FREE BONUS NUMBER ONE: When you take fast action, and join us on The Facebook for Property Professional one-day training course today, you can select 1 out of 5 business logos that can be used before and after any video you create and publish online.
FREE BONUS NUMBER TWO: also as a reward, for joining us on our course today, you will be given the opportunity to choose one Facebook cover from our Gallery collection. Your new Facebook cover will instantly upgrade your Facebook page to look more appealing.
FREE BONUS NUMBER THREE: Your Fast Action Bonus is the Property Seller Movie. You’ll be able to showcase the best features of one of your listed properties, in a video format, which can be promoted onto your website, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.
So when you order Facebook for Property Professionals one-day training today, you get 3 Bonus Products free – so act now! There are only 10 spaces available per training day in London and 15 spaces available online per training class. So book your place on the training course now so that you won’t be disappointed.
I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty solid offer...
It Is Decision Time
You’re standing at the crossroads. Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling a lot… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and toil.
On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to increase your visibility.
Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.
Cassandra Antoine - The eDigital Doctor
P.S. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive”. The real question is… Where? If you wanted to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future, in order today.
Also, learn how to create a Facebook business page that has a High Perceived Value, and makes a Lasting Impression, so that you can Capture the Attention of more landlords, tenants, home sellers and buyers and recruit them.
I'll be delivering the same one-day course LIVE through an online training platform on Wednesday 6th June 2018 saving you accommodation costs and time to travel. You will discover:
When the clock goes down to zero, the price will increase to £127. (Then it will keep going up daily)
In Person London Training
LIVE Online Training
And if you focused on them of all, experience better results.
The first one-day training course that has been specifically designed to help Real Estate Professionals to feel more confident to grow their business and be more dynamic in their marketing on Facebook to rent and sell their properties.
This logo will brand your videos and prevent someone stealing it on popular online property platforms, such as on Zoopla, or anywhere on the internet.
LIVE Online Training
In Personal Live Training In London
"With Cassandra's help I was able to get better results, get more visibility and be more dynamic on social media."
Natalie B. Director of Property Shop Ltd
"Very passionate and knowledgeable. Had a clearer idea of how to proceed."
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"Felt the experience was very good, Cassandra made it simple for me to understand. I have learned how to use LinkedIn and Facebook properly."
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"Was great and I love her way and passion of delivering the training- she know her stuff - method of communicating with us alone was brilliant."
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