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Sometimes it's just pleasant to get away. When a 45-minute commute becomes too much, people often dream of a secluded beach in an exotic spot. Sometimes it's just pleasant to get away. When a 45-minute commute becomes too much, people often dream of a secluded beach in an exotic spot.   Few escape — even just for a few weeks.   Time is a challenge. Finances are always a hurdle. Fear of the unknown often keeps people immobile.   While P2S can't do anything about time or fear., we do make travel affordable.   Now the dream of the few is available to the many.  
Company Core Values
Headquartered in Murrieta, California, CEO & Founders, David and Adela Hart have been in business for 5 years and are debt free. They work in 32 nations and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. They brought their skills to focus on luxury travel - an 8 trillion dollar industry  
The Hart's core values include
Success Integrity, and Leadership
Google Travel
The most searched term during the typical workday is ‘travel.' More and more people look to get away from the monotony of the daily grind as they set in their cubicles, doing repetitive tasks that create boredom, one of the two enemies of humanity.
P2S has reinvented travel with its new travel discount membership allowing worker bees to travel more for less.   How does P2S accomplish this? Simple. By doing one thing and one thing well — making travel affordable.  Unlike Priceline which owns and or Expedia which owns Trivago,  
P2S doesn't pay for advertising; they don't possess a rental agency or various travel related sites. The businesses which P2S does own adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings for the average trip — of saving 50-percent, or more — with wholesale pricing on hotels, resorts, and car rentals.
Conrad Hotel in New York city typically costs $880. With P2S, the cost drops to $560. Want to visit Las Vegas? Three nights at The Bellagio will set you back $657; with P2S the price drops to $453
What about visiting Cancun?
Seven nights at the beachside resort will hit you for almost $2000 if you buy direct. Membership in P2S saves you nearly $500.  
Ready for a cruise?
A Norwegian Cruise through the Mediterranean, booked through Orbitz will cost more than $1400. Scheduled through P2S, you pay just barely over $1,000.   Just using your P2S membership closer to home brings savings as well. Save over 30-percent on theme parks such as Six Flags, Sesame Place or Walt Disney World.   What about for those who don't want to leave home and still save. Your P2S membership gives you $100 in free shopping each month. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.   Is eating out more your cup-of-tea? Your P2S is the doorway to savings at over 75,000 member restaurants across America.  
Your membership includes
1. Full access to net rates on hotels, resorts cruises, and car rentals, and
2. Access to discount entertainment, shopping, and dining, and
3. $100 to spend on shopping each month.  
What Does All This Cost?  
Hello, my name is Danny Brooks, I am very proud to be apart of the services and opportunity that you are seeing here at P2S Travel. The mission of P2S Travel is to bring a real value to its customers. I hope that you can also see the true value and take advantage of what is being offered here today and will help ensure you how to afford traveling the world in the near future. Thank you!
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A rational person would expect all of this to cost tens of dollars monthly — if not hundreds annually. A membership program which turns ‘dreamcations' into ‘freecations' would be worth whatever the cost attached.   P2S' Travel Club Members, which grants access to net pricing, retail rates with zero markups are just $12.95 a month.  
But it gets better. Try a membership, for free, for thirty days.
That's not a 30-day refund period.   That's thirty-days free.
Sign up now, choose the package which fits your lifestyle best, join the travel club and test-drive the service first before you buy.
$12.95 a month
Thank You, Danny Brooks
By Providing The Best Discount Travel Packages Available
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