"Would You Like An Easy & Proven Way To Position Yourself As An Authority, Build Credibility & Inspire Trust To Get More Customers & Clients?"
If YES, Watch Video Below To Find Out More...
Hello, my name is Cassandra Antoine and I’m the Host of The Expert Show and one of the Field Producers.
The Expert Show is a great branding strategy that empowers the interviewee to position themselves as an industry authority, as well as build creditibility.
The Expert Show is currently being run as a pilot program, which features different experts from various industries all across the world.
In each episode, the guest expert will provide some great tips or insights related to their speciality.
You might be sceptical right now wondering “‘…why are they doing this? What’s the catch?”
The expert's target audience will get to know, like and trust them first before they take action to contact them. This is because the guest expert provides valuable information upfront, on The Expert Show, that is useful and relevant to solve their needs.
We are doing this because The Expert Show is a pilot program and we want to interview CEO’s in the Real Estate and Dental industry. However, we are open to interviewing CEO’s of other industries that want to position themselves as an industry expert online.
We only have 1 spot open for 1 industry expert in each post code area, such as EC4R 9EL in London Bridge.
Please see an episode of The Expert Show below with the Director of Global Recruitment 24/7. The interview segment is longer than normal. However, when you do get the opportunity to participate on The Expert Show, your interview segment will only be up to 90 seconds.
Also, there are two interview styles. You can do a recorded live interview in front of the camera, or just use a photograph of yourself with audio; which similar to what the Director of Global Recruitment 24/7 has done.
• 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social video. (Tubular Insights)
It's important to mention that according to research...
• 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or Youtube videos a week. (Wordstream)
• Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Tubular Insights)
So, if you want your TV clip to gain more reach online, we can help you with this. We can do the following for your business, after production.
• Live stream your segment onto your business Facebook business page
• Live stream your segment on You tube for maximum exposure
• Get your segment on to Google's search engine for more traffic.
This will cost £147 for this service and it will give you an unfair advantage to other local competitors looking to attract new leads online.
However, there is no obligation for you to take up the live streaming offer after production; the choice is yours.
Well the reason why we are doing this at no production cost is simple.
We will need the following from you to participate in The Expert Show pilot program, which will cover production costs.
Cassandra Antoine
Founder of eSparkle Online & Host of The Expert Show
2. We need customer feedback on your experience and The Expert Show TV clip produced for your business.
In the UK, we are currently looking to interview CEO's and Directors for a segment we are doing on "How to find a good Real Estate agent in West London". This episode will also be searchable though Google’s search engine.
Although it's typically about £1,207 to produce a segment, there is no cost for production for those that get the opportunity to participate in the pilot program. You can get exclusivity to the TV clip to publish on your website, social media and anywhere else you would like.
1. We need 3 referrals of local businesses’ or entrepreneurs to invite them to appear on The Expert Show.
3. We need to interview an expert (i.e. The CEO/Director/Founder/Head of Department) for about 30 minutes.
4. We'll need to work with a local business or entrepreneur that is proactively promoting their business.
5. We need to know that you are unique in the market and that you are interested in being positioned as a leader. We want to interview someone who is making an impact and add immerse valuable. What makes you different from other local companies in the market?
If you meet the criteria above, you can contact us in the following 3 ways to participate:
1. Send us a direct FB message below by clicking on the button. (preferred option)
2. Or, make a connect with Cassandra on LinkedIn and send a directly message by clicking on the button.
3. Or, send an email to TV@esparkleonline.com
We are happy to help because what we focus on is making sure our customers and clients stay at the top of their target audience’s minds all the time and be their 1st and preferred choice.
And that's what it's all about.
The first 15 minutes is to work through the script for the interview, which we can do at your leisure. The other 15 minutes is to do the actual interview. Do you have 30 minutes you can give in the next 2 weeks?
We want to give this £1,207 program to someone who is focused on becoming a local market leader. The Expert Show is going to be enhancing what they are already doing. So, what type of marketing are you doing now to promote your business?