"Would You Like To Generate More Leads & Sales From Your Customer's Feedback Anytime Of The Day?"
Hello, my name is Cassandra Antoine and I’m one of the Field Producers at esparkleonline.com/TV for the production of 60 second Review Branding Commercials.
The purpose of the Review Branding Commercials is to promote local businesses 4 or 5 star reviews across the internet to attract more leads and to raise their brand awareness.
A 60 second Review Branding Commercials typically would cost £1,297, but we are currently running a beta program for a few local businesses and we will cover the cost.
You might be sceptical right now wondering “‘…why are they doing this? What’s the catch?”
Here is an example of a professionally produced 5-Star Reviews Branding Commercial created by eSparkle Online for Renault Autopoint.
For instances, many brands are including Gold star ratings in their TV commercials, flyers and Google AdWords campaign.
Focusing On Your Customer's Loyalty & Online Business Reputation
The online marketing game has changed and your business is now operating in a “Reputation & Trust Economy”. Your businesses online reputation is one of the most valuable assets in attracting more customer's and client's.
This showcases their businesses reputation, make them stand out from the crowd and keep them ahead of the game to win a larger share of the market place.
Reputation marketing is all about showcasing the great things your customer's are saying about you online in different ways; especially in video format.
A strong reputation can takes time to build, and yet can be lost in an instant online if you don’t take the right approach. Rewarding your customers, with loyalty programs, is vital in making them happy, encouraging repeat sales and getting great feedback in a competitive and challenging marketplace.
As a result, Review Branding Commercial is the perfect solution to help a consumer remember the great customer experience you offer and supports them to take action on their purchasing decisions.
A 60 second Review Branding Commercial is typically £1,297, but as part of our beta program there is no cost.
4. After we have produced the Review Branding Commercials, we will broadcast it on social media and rank in the Google search engines. You will need to cover the syndication costs of £147. This will give you an unfair advantage to other local competitors looking to attract new leads online.
Well the reason why we are doing this at no production cost is simple.
We will need the following from you to participate in the Review Branding Commercial beta program, in return for covering the production costs.
Cassandra Antoine
eSparkle Online TV Field Producer
2. We need your customer feedback because the Review Branding Commercials are a part of an overall strategy to help local businesses with their social media, SEO, reputation marketing and lead generation.
1. Refer 3 reputable local businesses to participate in the Review Branding Commercials beta program. When we launch it will be £1,297, so we need the launch to be a success with a few commercials.
3. You'll need to attend a pre-production call and a technical sign off. This is approximately 1 hour in total.
If you meet the criteria above, you can contact us in the following 3 ways to participate:
1. Send us a direct Facebook message below by clicking on the button. (preferred option)
2. Or, make contact with Cassandra on LinkedIn by sending her a directly message. Simpy click on the button below to access her profile.
3. Or, send an email to TV@esparkleonline.com
We are happy to help because what we focus on is making sure our customers and clients stay at the top of their target audience’s minds all the time and be their 1st and preferred choice.
And that is what it is all about.
If YES, discover how you can turn your customer's feedback into powerful lead magnets...
It's vital in today’s economy to showcase your companies 5-star reputation because the value of your brand is intrinsically linked to your customer's experience.
According to Tubular Insights, "...64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social video" and "...viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text."
We are in the middle of producing a series of 60 second Review Branding Commercials and because of our production schedule we have some additional time to produce a few more commercials.