"Finally, You Now Can...Grow Your Visibility Online, Gain Credibility & Attract More Relevant People Into Your Business WITHOUT Even Doing It By Yourself!"
Hello, my name is Cassandra Antoine (also known as The eDigital Doctor).
I was one of the line-up speakers at the Dental Technology Show in 2016. I spoke about some of the common online marketing challenges businesses encounter in their publication. This is what I had to said...
I specialise in helping companies, local businesses and entrepreneurs to create proven and rock solid digital marketing systems in their businesses to get results and to stay at the top of their customers and clients minds.
I leverage cutting-edge technologies, and execute proven strategies, to help businesses gain an unfair advantage in the local marketplace and to experience sustainable and long term success.
By completing the Breakthrough Form and attending a call, I will be able to get to know you and your business objectives better. We will also be able to determine if we are a perfect match to work together.
Social media audits: Bench marking your business against your top 3 local competitors.
Social media strategy: Develop a clear strategic plan to execute on selected social media platforms to attract quality leads (i.e. either on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, PInterest & You tube).
Social media branding: There will be a consistent look and feel across all your social media accounts. There will be no confusion about what your values are and what your business represents.
Social media set up: Create accounts and optimise them to inspire desired action.
Daily posting on social media accounts
I work with a limited number of clients each month. There are 3 different service level agreements to choose from, depending on the scope of your business needs and the project outcomes you want delivered on a monthly basis.
I work on a 3, 6,12 or 24 monthly contract. To start the process of working with myself, please complete the Breakthrough Form and schedule a 45 minute call simply by clicking on the button below.
To Your Online Success!
Cassandra Antoine
Founder of eSparkle Online & Social Media Strategist & Manager
PS: I have been a contributor to industry leading publications, such as The Dentist Magazine, The Hotel Owner, The Modern Spa magazine and more. I have written articles on online reputation marketing.
Social media engagement (i.e. replying to comments on posts and in your community groups)
Social media monitoring: Using the Business Reputation Builder to monitor and respond to both negative and positive reviews. Also to market your 4 and 5 star reviews. Click Here to find out more.
• Delivering social media workshops and training to employees.
Video marketing & ranking (i.e. creating ads, promos and explainer videos)
• Create special giveaways and competitions for your business
• Create and manage your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads to drive more quality leads into your business.
• Conduct Facebook messenger marketing by setting up chatbot sales funnels.
Improve your brand's exposure by appearing on The Expert Show. Click Here to find out more.
Companies and local businesses need help to leverage and master the digital marketing landscape to stay competitive in their local and global market. This takes real expertise!
My motto is "...being your customers and clients 1st, or preferred choice, is the only option!"
"Working with Cassandra will enable you to understand the basics of social media marketing and beyond..."
"Real help is here right now to grow your business online using social media marketing..."
Discover how you can save precious time and boost your online lead generation today!
You don't have to struggle, or be frustrated, anymore with your social media and online marketing. I can deliver the following services, as a Social Media Strategist & Manager, in your business.
Now imagine being able to confidently blend what you do offline with your online marketing activity, whenever you want, to impress potential customers and clients....
Imagine reaching more people that live in your local area or anywhere in the world....
Imagine now differentiating your business clearly and stand out from other companies...
There are so many things that you can imagine, which can actually turn into a reality with the right support.
I have worked with different companies and this is what they have had to say about me:
"With Cassandra's help I was able to get better results, get more visibility and be more dynamic on social media."
Natalie B. Director of Property Shop Ltd
"Very passionate and knowledgeable. Had a clearer idea of how to proceed."
Shirley B. Director of Renewal Program
"Felt the experience was very good, Cassandra made it simple for me to understand. I have learned how to use LinkedIn and Facebook properly."
Jolly L (Employee at One Day Facebook workshop)
"Was great and I love her way and passion of delivering the training- she know her stuff - method of communicating with us alone was brilliant."
Christian A (Employee on Social Media Workshop)
However, I am fully aware that to achieve this, it takes implementing the right actions, in the right order, at the right time, with the right resources in your business. And the good news is that I know, and have, all of these things to grow your business online.
As a business owner, you want to see that the time and money you spend on social media is actually profitable. I can work in your business to select and execute the right strategies and not just use tactics willy-nilly.
We might have to examine and rethink what you are already doing to get better outcomes online, because at the end of the day, it's all about using social media in a productive way to grow your business.
If you have no real social media strategy, or insights into how well your business is performing online, then it is time to start prioritising what can be done right now.
Social media is a great business tool to attract new ideas into your business and to also reach out to relevant people to make them aware of your products and services.
By working with me, you will see just how powerful social media can be to promote your business.
Social media marketing is not a "one size fits all" situation. You have to look at your individual business goals and create a customised strategic plan to achieve them.
You must go through a step by step process that unravels where you are and what you want to ultimately achieve on various social media platforms.
It is also important to have someone in your business that enjoys keeping up to date with the constant and never ending changes in the rules and regulations that occurs on all the popular social media platforms.
How To Get Started...