1. Social Media Strategist & Manager
If you have no clue where to start to boost your online visibility and income, using popular social media sites, then you are at the right place!
2. The Expect Show
Would you like to increase your companies exposure online, stand out from your local competition and open up new opportunities? If yes, you now can by appearing on The Expert Show.
3. Review Branding Commericals
Would you like to convince potential customer's to purchase from you? If yes, simply get your existing 5 star customer's to tell them why they should buy from you.
The services provided at eSparkle Online helps local businesses and entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd, attract more leads and boost their income.
We aim to make your business the 1st, and preferred choice, amongst potential and existing customers and to also stay at the top of their minds. Below are 8 key business services eSparkle Online delivers.
Would you like to ensure that your business is found online with ease? If yes, get your local business listed in all the right places.
5. Local Business Listing Service
4. The Business Reputation Builder
Delivering The Right Solutions To Grow Your Online Business!
If you want to stop dabbling, or end feeling frustrated and lost when you are applying what you know about social media marketing, help is now at hand to reverse the poor results you are getting.
What you need are proven strategies and systems that put you and your business back in control to achieve your business outcomes. Learn more about how you can today!
By being a guest on The Expert Show, you will instantly boost your credibility, be perceived as an industry authority and differentiate your business from the competition.
This is one of the best brand marketing strategies you can incorporate in your business to build trust and attract more leads. Learn more on how you can today.
Review Branding Commercial's promote your 4 and 5 star customer reviews, giving a positive impression of your brand to generate leads and sales across the internet. Learn more about this today.
Would you like to monitor whether or not your customer's are happy with your products or services on a daily or weekly basis?
They will be posted on popular social media and review sites to help you generate more enquiries, bookings and sales into your business.
If you are looking for an easy and automated system to collect your customer feedback, search no more! Learn more about this today!
If yes, the Business Reputation Builder will collect your customer feedback, and convert the positive ones into 4 or 5 star online reviews.
The more local directories and review sites you are listed on, the bigger your online presence becomes and the easier it is for your business to be found quickly by potential customers.
Learn more today about how to make your local business easily accessible to potential customers online.
Always remember that what your positive customer's have to say about your business is absolute gold dust!
6. Reputation Amplified Program
How would you feel if you discovered a really bad review about your business on Google, Yelp or Facebook from an unknown person?
Would you know how to deal with it immediately; especially if you expected it was posted, or influenced, by one of your local competitors?
Do not worry, we have got you covered with our 6 weeks Reputation Amplified Program.
7. Employee Insight Program
Are your employees disengaged at work? Would you like to start gaining some new insights and apply some tangible steps to engage more with your employees?
Remember, your best employees want something different from your business. They want to feel engaged. They want to feel a part of something. Learn more about this today.
If yes, you can boost your employee's moral, attitude and work productivity with the Employee Insight Program.
8. Customer Insight Program
Do you care about what makes your customers tick? It is vital to care if you are working in a customer facing industry.
The Customer Insight Program helps your to redesign and deliver a new and exceptional customer service and experience.
It will also help you to recognise that small changes can make a big difference to your service delivery. If you are serious about:
Then learn more about the Customer Insight Program today.
1. keeping your existing customers and nurturing them so that they are happy to recommend you.
2. Creating a culture and working environment that employee's enjoy coming too.
3. Generating better profits in the long run.
Learn more about how to handle and respond to negative and positive online reviews and how to create a robust complaints handling procedure today.