"Would You Like A Proven System To Prevent Your Local Business From Losing Money Online?"
Forward thinking and smart businesses understand that having 5-star reviews can attract new customers like a golden magnet. However, bad reviews will repel them to not take the next step to buy.
Your online reputation is more crucial than ever before because we now live in a Trust & Reputation economy. People are searching online for your products and services everyday, but what will they discover about your business on the internet when they find you.
The impact of bad reviews on your business can send potential customers flocking to your competitors, which is emptying money out of your pocket. You will need a simple and easy solution to pay attention to your reputation online. The question is...
If you don’t take notice of the growing trend in how customers are purchasing online, you could be left without a business to tend too. A bad review could cause a PR disaster if left unnoticed.
• Do you think marketing your authentic 5-star customer reviews will strengthen your social proof online?
• Do you want to convert more prospects into customers?
• Are you interested in becoming a local market leader in your niche?
• Can you see the value of having a great reputation online?
If yes, no matter what your current business reputation status is online (i.e. being poor or outstanding), our 6 weeks Reputation Amplified Program (RAP) provides you with a clear customer review strategy for both negative and positive online reviews.
If Yes, Discover Now How The Reputation Amplified Program Can Increase Your Customer Satisfaction, Credibility & Visibility Online...
Don’t leave your company in a vulnerable position (i.e. losing money), by letting bad reviews influence your potential customers purchasing decisions in an adverse way.
“17.8 million are strongly influenced in their purchase decision by opinions in social media.”
Due to the changes in digital technology, you can no longer leave your business' reputation to chance. It’s essential for you to have a clear customer review strategy that enables you to convert your customers into raving fans.
What To Expect From The Reputation Amplified Program?
• Do you want more 5-star reviews in your local business?
What Is The Reputation Amplified Program All About?
The Reputation Amplified Program (RAP) equips you with the right knowledge, tools and practical steps to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Brand Influence and Authority online.
We hold your hand and take you through the A to Z of Reputation Management & Marketing to position your business as a local market leader online.
Week 1 - Explore, create and optimise your local business listing on local directories and review sites, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google My Business, Facebook and more. Click Here to understand more.
Week 2 - Examine customer review response strategies for both negative and positive online reviews. Learning how to respond appropriately online to different customer's in various scenarios.
Week 3 - Learn how to apply Reputation marketing strategies in your business to encourage more customer feedback and 4 and 5 star reviews being posted directly online.
Week 4 - Producing a Review Branding Commercial to attract more enquiries, booking and leads into your business. Click Here to find out more.
Week 5 - Learn to conduct customer market research using survey's and 1:1 phone calls to gain invaluable insights into your products and services.
Week 6 - Learn cutting-edge customer service strategies that keep your customer's coming back to your business only.
According to Nielson study, 72% of online shoppers trust online reviews. It’s important not to fall in the trap of thinking that no one really cares because they do and consumers are being influenced by them!
Who Is The Reputation Amplified Program For?
The Reputation Amplified Program (RAP) is for serious and committed businesses that desires to boost their digital online presence to attract more leads and sales.
It’s important that you're servicing over 100 customers annually and already have a company website. Apply to join this program if your business falls within anyone of the categories below:
Your Business Has:
• Less than six 5-star customer reviews online and/or on your website.
• No response strategy and/or policy for online negative and positive reviews.
• A online 5-star reputation, but your business is NOT standing out from amongst the crowd to look like the local market leader.
• Spent money on PPC, Facebook ads, radio and newspaper with little return due to no reputation or a bad reputation online.
Why It Is Important For Your Business To Join The Reputation Amplified Program?
If your business has no customer review response strategy to deal with negative reviews, or a bad reputation online, this could be putting your business at risk because of the following reasons:
• You’re ultimately losing out from the opportunity to acquire new customers and revenue with no customer review response strategy.
Impact of Negative Reviews:
• Your corporate identify and reputation is devalued, by negative ratings and comments, if you don't respond in an appropriate way. This can result in people avoiding to buy from you.
Impact of A Limited Amount Of Customers Reviews Online:
• You can put your company in a vulnerable and unprotected position (i.e. creating a PR disaster in the press) by responding badly online to negative reviews.
• You may not appear reputable, or trustworthy, to do business with if your business has far too many negative reviews.
• Your lack of response to online complaints gives the perception that you’re not listening and don't really care about your customers.
• Not having 4 or 5 star customer reviews doesn't give prospects the impression that your business is creditable and trustworthy enough to do business with yet.
Not Standing Out From The Crowd & Wasting Your Money:
• You’re not really appreciating and rewarding good customer behaviour, for others to follow, by not responding to positive reviews online.
• Stop wasting money on advertising without assessing and creating a 5-star online reputation presence first (i.e. you're losing money, instead of making and saving it, without 4 or 5 star reviews online).
• Far too many negative online reviews give the impression that you don't give a consistent quality service and potential customers will avoid you.
• No customer reviews, or less than 6, is putting your business at a disadvantage (i.e. not enough online social proof.)
• You’re not competing effectively in the local market place by not promoting your 4 to 5 star reviews online and/or on your website (i.e. you’re not standing out from the crowd).
We will work closely with a manager within the marketing and/or customer service department. Alternatively, you can select member of staff to work directly with us during the entire Reputation Amplified Program. We are here to serve you.
If you want to avoid any of the potential risks above, the Reputation Amplified Program (RAP) is definitely for you.
In this program you will:
Who would be involved in the Reputation Amplified Program?
• More competitors are becoming aware of the need to collect customer reviews and maintain a consistent 5-star reputation. You must do the stay and be ahead of the game.
• Gain powerful insights, clarity and confidence to incorporate reputation management and marketing strategies in your business model to attract more online customers.
• Discover your customers level of satisfaction on your businesses product and service delivery.
• Identify key issues by measuring customer feedback and evaluating insights to improve performance of your staff, products and services.
• Receive support and guidance to successfully incorporate reputation marketing strategies into your businesses marketing model with Q & A group coaching sessions.
• Protect your business from being vulnerable online by implementing appropriate negative review response strategies with guidance in Q & A group coaching sessions.
• Discover the powerful impact that video marketing can have on your business, with online training, to attract more leads and sales.
• Develop trust and influence online by asking your customers to provide feedback with a customised media pack.
• Produce Review Branding Commercials to instill trust and confident in new prospects to buy from your company.
Limited Time Bonuses:
BONUS: Stand out from the crowd, and be known as the local market leader, by appearing on The Expert Show. This builds credibility and authority. Click Here to find out more.
What is the duration of the Reputation Amplified Program?
The Reputation Amplified program is for 6 weeks. Every 2 months, we open up the Reputation Amplified Program to a limited number of businesses to go through the entire program.
Prerequisite for joining the Reputation Amplified Program:
None. You will be given the Business Reputation Builder suite for free for 3 months to use as part of this program.
How Can You Get Started On The Reputation Amplified Program?
Your success is a top priority to us. So before you get started on the Reputation Amplified Program, we want to ensure that it is the right reputation program for your business to achieve the results you desires.
Simply click on the button below and complete the breakthrough form. Then schedule a call for us to find out more about your business needs and what the Reputation Amplified program can offer you.
Take control of your online reputation and stand out from your competition today.
Let's explore what is covered during the 6 weeks program.
You will be also shown how to us the and Business Reputation Builder suite effectively. Click Here find out more.
You will also get learn best practice tips on how to deal effectively with complaints.
It also provides tangible steps to ensure your customers stay satisfied with your service. Let’s explore deeper into what the Reputation Amplified Program (RAP) can do to take your business to the next level.