"Would You Like To Encourage More Repeat Customer Visits & Increased Sales Into Your Business?"
Who is involved in the Customer Insight Program process?
Staff will go through a service design process that plots all the interactions between the customer and your business in order to come up with a new and innovative service design, such as including new mobile loyalty programs in-store to keep customers coming back.
To achieve the best results, we recommend that a senior manager from each department is selected to take part in the Customer Insight Program (CIP).
The Customer Insight Program (CIP) is a process that captures new insights relating to your customer's, employee's and business systems. Ultimately, your team is empowered to map out your customer’s entire journey from various multi-channels, such as mobile, in-store, website etc.
In this program you will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of your customers persona (i.e. desire/needs/interests/pain points) to generate new service ideas.
Why it is important for you to join the Customer Insight Program?
If Yes, We Can Help You With The Customer Insight Program...Watch Video Below To Find Out How.
The Customer Insight Program (CIP) is for local businesses that wants to connect and engage more with their customers in order to receive a consistent flow of 5-star ratings and reviews.
Rethinking your service design can distinguish you from your competition and you can charge a higher premium. When your business sets out to consciously create a service that incorporates “Wow Memorable Moments”, customers don’t just remember what the service was like, but how it made them feel.
Investing into a new, or revised, service delivery is vital because customers are using online tools (i.e. Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook and Google My Business) to share their good and bad experiences with businesses.
What to expect from the Customer Insight Program?
• Create a service that makes customers feel it is value for money to drive future purchases.
One of our customers, Renault Autopoint, has gone through the entire Customer Insight Program. This is what they had to say.
"It has even me a good evaluation of my business and changed my goals for Autopoint"
We are living in a customer centric world where consumers have the power, and the tools, to voice their opinions instantly online about your products and services. Research has shown that people do read consumer reviews and they are also influenced by them.
Then, it is time for you to redesign your service to make a lasting and positive impression on your staff and customer's.
Who is the Customer Insight Program for?
What is the Customer Insight Program all about?
• Getting dissatisfied customers leaving far too many negative complaints
• Receiving staff complains about business procedures and systems
• Challenged by internal staff communication issues
• And much more...
• Receiving an increased level of product returns
• Delivering an outdated service that is not keeping up with modern technological times
The aim is to connect with your customers at a deeper level and unravel internal business challenges too. It will take strategic commitment, creativity and implementation in order to embed your business brand into a new and meaningful service design experience.
The objective is to produce a new customer experience blue-print from what is uncovered during the process. A visual tool is created that makes sense to your organisation. This is a rewarding process and we hold your hand through the entire service design process.
As a local business, you are now operating in a ‘Reputation & Trust’ economy because of technological changes in the market. Therefore, it is important to recognise this change, and stay ahead of the game, by using new customer insights to create a fantastic service. If you have noticed that your business is:
What is the duration of the Customer Insight Program?
The Customer Insight Program is scheduled to be completed in 3 months. Every 90 days we open up the Customer Insight Program to a limited number of businesses to go through the entire program.
Hence, your organisation must make sure that every service experience is of the highest standard. It must be monitored and managed because it can have a direct impact on your revenue.
• Complete a full detailed assessment of your customer’s interactions with your business.
• Quickly and effectively highlight internal challenges that occur within your organisation
• Identify what will increase customer satisfaction.
• Assess levels of communication between staff and customers.
• Create a visual representation of the new service design and solutions which can be incorporated at specific stages of the customer journey.
• Create innovate solutions that increases work efficiency and productivity
• Make your service more usable, efficient and desirable that builds value for customers and your bottom line.
• Connect more with your customers by adding small, significant and incremental changes to the service.
• Adapt your service and make it stand out from the crowd.
What others have said about the Customer Insight Program?
"Very Informative and it has opened my mind to problems and how to avoid them."
Jean, Business Owner of Renault Owner Autopoint
Charlotte, Manager at Renault Autopoint
Prerequisite for the Customer Insight Program:
• It is essential that you have surveyed your employee's sentiment and kept the data for it too be examined and used during in the Customer Insight Program. Alternatively, you can join the The Employee Insight Program before starting the Customer Insight Program. Click Here for more details.
• You have conducted a customer survey or are proactive in collecting feedback regularly. Alternatively, use the Business Reputation Builder system. Click Here for more details. (NB: You need to collect a minimum of 1 month of customer feedback data).
How can you get started on the Customer Insight Program?
Your success is a top priority to us. So before you get started on the Customer Insight Program, we want to ensure that it is the right reputation program for your business to achieve desired results.
Simply click on the button below and complete the breakthrough form. Then schedule a call for us to find out more about your business needs and what the Customer Insight Program can offer you.
Is delivering "Wow Memorable Moments” and long lasting experiences to your customers a top priority to you? If yes, the Customer Insight Program is definitely right for your local business.
Everyone will work in collaboration to form a unified and common customer experience outcome. A shared understanding amongst staff is required to deliver an engaging and relevant customer service experience across all multi-channels.