"Would You Like To Boost Your Employee's Moral, Attitude & Work Productivity To Achieve Better Results?"
Why it is important to participate in the Employee Insight Program?
The senior management team will gain invaluable insights into what employees are actually thinking and feeling in real-time and at ground level.
What to expect from the Employee Insight Program?
The Employee Insight Program (EIP) will explore the level of empowerment and engagement your staff feel they have within their working environment. It also explores internal and external communications amongst staff and customers in order to identify strengths and areas of development.
In this program you will:
• Understand your employees needs and desires in order to empower them to do their best at all times.
If Yes, We Can Help You With The Employee Insight Program. Watch Video Below To Find Out How.
The Employee Insight Program (EIP) is for any local business with up to 30 staff within one location. You intend to improve staff collaboration, work productivity and business processes within the workforce.
• Identify your employee’s level of job satisfaction and motivation in order to boost moral and productivity.
One of our customers, Renault Autopoint, has gone through the entire Employee Insight Program. This is what they had to say.
"It has even me a good evaluation of my business and changed my goals for Autopoint"
Over the years, you and your management team have built up a successful business to be proud of. However recently, you have all noticed a slight change in some of your employee’s attitudes. You are not really sure what has triggered this change, but you are observing:-
If you are noticing similar patterns in your business, it is time for you to Explore Your Internal Business Environment and get to the heart of the matter. The Employee Insight Program can help you do this, so let’s explore deeper into what it can do for your business.
Who is the Employee Insight Program for?
What is the Employee Insight Program all about?
• Specific staff members are “Watch Clocking” and they can’t wait to get out of the office doors at 5pm or 6pm.
• Staff are not taking any real responsibility for their work.
• Some staff members do not look motivated in their job roles anymore.
• A breakdown in communication between staff members in different departments.
• Staff seem far too relaxed in delivering a quality 5-star service.
Who would be involved in the Employee Insight Program?
We will work closely with a member of your senior management team during the entire Employee Insight Program. Your objective is to determine employee’s sentiment across the entire business.
What is the duration of the Employee Insight Program?
The Employee Insight program is scheduled to be completed within a 3 month period. Every 90 days, we open up the Employee Insight Program to a limited number of local businesses to go through the entire program.
• Assess the effectiveness of your internal communications and business processes to improve collaboration and efficiency amongst staff.
• Bring your employee's into alignment with your business forecast plans in the months ahead.
• Develop a stronger work culture and improve work productivity, within the work force, by introducing new changes from the new insights you discover.
• Make employees feel more connected to the organisation by listening to their opinions and making any valid changes.
What others have said about the Customer Insight Program?
"Very Informative and it has opened my mind to problems and how to avoid them."
Jean, Business Owner of Renault Owner Autopoint
Charlotte, Manager at Renault Autopoint
Prerequisite for the Employee Insight Program:
None. However, it would be beneficial to assign customer feedback, at departmental and/or employee level, over a 1 to 3 months period by using the Business Reputation Builder system to gain some employee insights.
How can you get started on the Employee Insight Program?
Your success is a top priority to us. So before you get started on the Customer Insight Program, we want to ensure that it is the right reputation program for your business to achieve desired results.
Simply click on the button below and complete the breakthrough form. Then schedule a call for us to find out more about your business needs and what the Employee Insight Program can offer you.
• Inspire your employee's to become brand ambassadors that deliver a 5-star service and customer experience every day with the right incentives.
When your management team has a full understanding of what is affecting employee’s levels of job satisfaction and work productivity, gradual change can happen for the highest good of all involved.
In addition, sound business decisions and investments can be made accordingly to improve staff performance.
Employees are asked to complete on online questionnaires and they are asked to be transparent and honest in their answers.