Cassandra is one of the Co-founder of Youth Affect Ltd, which provides 'Today's Solution for Young People's Challenges'.
Youth Affect Ltd evolved from the innovative and successful work implemented by the Business Owner of Team Steps Ltd, Debbie Dixon. This has now lead to the creation of Youth Affect Ltd.
Youth Affect Ltd delivers workshops and online courses that relates to the dangers, and real life concerns, young people constantly have exposure to and encounter every single day.
We also empower and enable teachers, parents, social workers, youth offending and probation officers to feel confident to deal with the issues that young people face using innovative methods.
The work delivered by Youth Affect Ltd aims to achieve four key effects in young people's lives, which are as follows:
1. Influence
2. Inspiration
3. Impact
4. Improvement
Youth Affect Ltd Workshop
Youth Affect Ltd has delivered the following courses in school to young people. These courses raised awareness and delivered our 4 key effects (i.e. influence, inspiration, impact and improvement).
1. Social Media
2. Relationships
3. Gangs
4. Communication
Below are some courses delivered to young people and parent by Youth Affect Ltd. Send a Facebook message to Cassandra if you would like more information. You can also send an email to or call us on 0203 504 6419.