"Would You Like Your Customer's Feedback To Drive More Enquiries, Bookings & Sales Into Your Business on Autopilot?"
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We're Here To Help Your Business Grow Significantly Online With Customer Reviews!
Your online reputation mean everything to your business. People are searching online, and on their mobiles, every single day to buy products or services from local businesses like yours. Consumers are looking for businesses that are reputable, have a 5-star reputation and trusted by their existing customers.
Google has changed the game online by exposing what customers think, feel and say about you on the internet whether it's good or bad.
The main issue is that your business can't escape these online opinions because Google has given your customers the power and the tools to have more control!
We want you to feel empowered by being prepared, as much as possible, in advance to handle all negative eventualities in the best way.
You'll need to pay close attention to how your staff treat customers because their experience could end up on prominent review sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor many more.
“It takes a minimum of 6 to 10 positive online reviews for your business to be trusted online.
Are you currently measuring whether or not your staff are delivering a 5-star service to attract more customers every day? If not, it's vital to know what your customer's, client's or patient's think and feel about your products and services both off and online.
Your reputation is the life blood of your business, so it's important to protect, nurture and promote it properly by using the right cutting edge systems and strategies in today's consumer trust economy.
You will need to have a proprietary and simple reputation management and marketing system in place to capture authentic feedback and market it online to stay ahead of the competition.
You will also want a reputation management and marketing system that instantly alerts you, with a SMS text messages or email notifications, offering you the opportunity to respond appropriately to both positive and negative feedback. We have the perfect solution to help you...The Business Reputation Builder!
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What Exactly Can The Business Reputation Builder Do For Your Local Business?
This powerful Business Reputation Builder suite for only £45 per month instead of £197.00 for a limited period. However the price will increase to £97 when the clock gets to 0.
There is also a one off set-up fee of £49. You will pay the £49 one off fee and 7 days later the first payment of £45 will be taken out of your bank account.
Simply click on the subscribe button below. Payment will be debited from your account every 30 days unless notification is given. Please give 7 days to notify of any cancellations.
The Business Reputation Builder Suite is a safe and simple way to build your online 5-star reputation fast, on autopilot, whilst saving you time to do other essential tasks.
It collects your customer feedback and turns relevant ones into 5-star online reviews. You also won’t need to be concerned about negative reviews being posted online about your business anymore, as that is taken care of by the software. Let's go through how it works.
1. Build Your Businesses Online Visibility & Reputation
The Business Reputation Builder suite enables you to capture and publish your recent customer’s 4 and 5-star ratings and reviews on your website and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
This will help you to build up confidences for your new prospects to take a leap of faith to do business with you for the first time. Sharing your customer ratings and reviews will:
• Help drive more leads and sales to your business.
• Send pre-qualified prospects to your business by marketing your authentic 4 and 5-star reviews you have collected from your customers.
• Position your business as the local market leader in your niche by posting positive 4 and 5-star reviews immediately onto your social media channels and website.
When prospects land on your website to learn more about your company, they will see 4 and 5-star reviews from popular and legitimate review sites, such as Yelp and Google + Local. This is a very popular reputation marketing service, as it can support in converting prospects into customers.
2. Collect & Leverage Your Customer Feedback
Many top UK online review sites and local business directories, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and Thomson Local, do not go the extra mile to verify if an online review is genuine or from an authentic customer. So you need a system to notify you instantly when a really bad review appears online.
The Business Reputation Builder suite enables you to collect real-time and authentic feedback across your entire customer base – not just those disgruntled enough to leave a negative review – to ensure your brand is being fairly represented.
Asking your customers for feedback is as simple as entering their name and email address into a form. Customers are then sent an email with a unique tracking link that allows them to rate their recent visit to your business and leave feedback.
Next, let your customers promote your business online with their 4 or 5-star ratings and review. The Business Reputation Builder suite asks your customers to post their 4 and 5 star reviews online, on autopilot, to build new prospects confidence in your business.
3. Protect Your Local Business' Brand Against Negative Online Reviews
The beauty thing about the Business Reputation Builder system is that you have the ability to stop losing thousands of pounds due to negative reviews being posted about you online.
Wouldn't you like the chance to resolve a customer's problem before it escalated onto Google, Yelp or Trip Advisor and potentially spiral out of control? We've got you covered to avoid this!
When you receive a 1 to 3 star rating and review, the Business Reputation Builder system instantly safeguards your online reputation by redirecting the individual to a branded survey page. It asks your disgruntled patient or customer what they did not like and how you can improve in the future before taking online action. See a branded negative survey feedback page below.
However, if you do fail to address their issue they will - and so rightly should - go online and rant about it until you do. We'd love to help you build a great business reputation online. Schedule a time below for us to help you.
Every business deserves at least one chance to make amends before a customer feels forced to make a public outcry. You'll get this chance with the Business Reputation Builder suite. You'll get the opportunity to collect negative feedback and resolve it straight away by receiving an instant SMS text alert to make your patient or customer happy again.
4. Gain Invaluable Insights From Your Customers Opinions
You’ll be able to also collect real-time and actionable customer feedback at employee and departmental level. You’ll be able to measure business efficiency, work performance, product and customer service from the customer insights you receive.
You'll be able to:
• Track and share customer feedback with your employee in order to inform them on how well they are doing and any areas to improve work performance.
• Quickly respond to customer concerns, allowing you to turn potential issues into positive wins.
• Understand how your company is being perceived by your customers at the ground level.
• Measure if your loyal customers are getting the customer experience they deserve to encourage them to return and become brand advocates.
• Track reviews and rating scores.
5. Control Your Online Brand Reputation
Many reviews sites and local business directories are filled with paid advertisement. Thus, your competitors can appear on your claimed business page. It's important for you to take control of where your customers see your feedback and online reviews about your business.
The Business Reputation Builder suite provides your company with a Review Micro-site that will help you to:
• Spread the word about your business by streaming real-time customer reviews and ratings
• Includes powerful internal customer feedback that may not show up on third party review sites and local business directories.
• Links to external review pages, such as Google + and Yelp
• Basic company information
• Business hours
• Company branding
• All online reviews show up in one location on your review site web property.
• Makes the process of collecting and leaving reviews easy by giving your customers a link to a private review page.
The powerful Business Reputation Builder suite for only £45 per month instead of £197.00 . There is also a one off set-up fee of £49. You will pay the £49 one off fee and 7 days later the first payment of £45 will be taken out of your bank account.
Who Is The Business Reputation Builder Suite For?
eSparkle Online is proud to offer the Business Reputation Builder suite to local businesses worldwide. You will be able to:-
• Generated ratings and reviews by leveraging your current customers to see results fast.
• Monitor negative and positive reviews from Google, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing.
• A relevant member of staff will be forwarded instant feedback through email notifications and SMS alerts to take appropriate action.
Simply click on the subscribe button below. Payment will be debited from your account every 30 days unless notification is given. Please give 7 days to notify of any cancellations.
• You already have a company website.
• You are serious and committed about improving your professional online reputation.
• You are servicing over 100 customers annually.
• Your business is within the dental, health and fitness, hospitality, trade services, retail, spas or any other business niche.
You Can Use The Business Reputation Builder Suite If: