Every course,any system launched in the past,today and in the future has one thing in common.... there should be a BUYER at the offer. Without buyer, any course or system whether it is very good and innovative failure is imminent. The secret is the "BUYER"....the gurus called it "the List". Building a list reqiures Time, Money, Testing to make it happen. If you are working 8-12hours per day or you are at home mom or dad this is not possible and when you do it...Failure begins and frustrations follow. Now we know the secret is the "Buyer"...this is where my Mobile Affiliate System gets in. My credentials speak for it being a Real Estate Agent in the past whether it is sales or marketing to attract buyers are part of me plus being an RN for 26 patience and hardwork made me do this Mobile System for myself, my family, my busy friends and collegues who has no time and interests in Online Marketing. i am also a license Life Insurance agent.
How does it work?
FIRST...the need to experience it so you can Share the Mobile Affiliate System. SECOND..the does not happen overnight..this is not about being Viral in Social Media. It takes time to prune a relationship, but once establish you can sell and recommend anything. Relationship is the transaction. You can use technology to extend your reach and increase the number of your contacts but you still have to build relationship, without it you have nothing..and this relationship will turn as your very own Mobile Tribe. THIRD.. Stay Away from Automation, Get rich scheme that promises to quit your job in a few days or weeks..if that exists it should be VIRAL right now. FOURTH..Gurus, Vendors, Sellers will sell you "Case Study" or what they call"Blueprint" that promises you the Sun and the Moon.My advise..the best case study or blueprint is you do it "Yourself" meaning you live with your own case study rather that read one from the gurus.The best case study is "YOU" and you show others how did you do it not the gurus case study.
I cannot work 3 a real estate agent, an insurance agent and a nurse plus the fact that i cannot work the whole years of my life. I need to diversify otherwise i cannot live the high cost of living in California. I can only be in one place. This motivates me to do this Mobile Affiliate System to replace 2 of the jobs i have. I already did not renew my real estate license, a lot of money in real estate especially in California but it sucks all my time for myself and my family. I need to remove 1 of the 2 and this is why Mobile Affiliate System is born.