"The Buckle"
Inspired by The Spirit of The American Cowboy
Pre-Order "The Buckle" Blanket
64" x 80" - Pure Virgin Wool/Cotton - Napped, Felt Bound
Fabric Woven in Pendleton Woolen Mills, USA
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FYI - in 2009, Pendleton Woolen Mills celebrated 100 years of weaving America’s spirit. For their centennial celebration, friends, family and associates gathered in Pendleton, Oregon, where their first blanket rolled off the loom in 1909.
"My goal was to create a product that brought together The Spirit of The American Cowboy, Country Music and Art. I am told my song and blanket with its vivid colors and design elements, have uniquely hit the mark". Steve Celuch
My exclusive blanket is custom-made in the USA by Pendleton Woolen Mills, and so it takes a special run at the mill to be scheduled. This can take up to four months before you receive your blanket, but it's well worth the wait to own this exclusive piece. Click below to pre-order your blanket, and Thank You! Kind Regards, Steve
USD $499