Mega Software Bundle
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Instant Squeeze Builder Normal Value= $15.00

(1)- Build UNLIMITED Squeeze Pages

(2)- Pay a one time low cost fee & nothing else

(3)- NO Website & NO Hosting Required for this software

(4)- You can set the headline to be shown at the top of your squeeze page

(5)-You can enter the text for your squeeze page

(6)- Option to turn the text into bullet points automatically

(7)- This helps to emphasize the benefits of subscribing

(8)- You can include an image or photo of any gift you are offering

(9)- You can paste your signup form from your auto-responder with a single click

(10)- You can enter a privacy note to assure visitors that their details are safe

(11)- You can allow visitors to skip your squeeze page

(12)- This option gives those who don't want to subscribe, still can reach your sales page

(13)- You can set the color for all the different text items at once

(14)- Or set the color for each item individually, all using a simple color selector

(15)- Automatically avoid showing the squeeze page in future to those already subscribed

(16)- Easy to use even if you are a newbie with full guide provided
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Spread The Word ..... Share It With friends & Families
Spread The Word ..... Share It With friends & Families
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Mega Software Bundle
Instant Squeeze Builder

Easy To Use Software Creates Complete Squeeze Pages In Seconds Just By Filling In A Simple Form - No Coding Required! If you want to build an email list, squeeze pages are the most powerful tool to attract audience to subscribe into your list.
Viral Article Producer

Powerful Software To Produce Profit-Pulling “Viral Article” Mini-Sites in Minutes! No HTML knowledge required! In the internet marketing world, content is king, and you can't deny that fact. That's why content producers are making out the best of their content to make it viral.
WP eBook Maker

A Magical Plugin Software That Can Help You To Start Cashing in The eBook Craze Without The Need To Write Them By Your Self or Spend Countless Hours Making Them. It’s simple, fast and it can finally lead you to the path of a better online business and much more profits at the end of the month.
Animation Video Squeeze Page

Convert Your Traffic Using this Amazing Powerful Tool! Few marketers focus enough of their attention on their conversion rates and this is a massive missed opportunity. And this tool is the right solution to Squeeze Pages Conversion Problems
WP Viral Traffic Ninja

A Simple Automated Traffic System Comes As a Plugin. You Can Use To Get UNLIMITED Visitors To Your Website, Blog Or To Your Online Business For FREE! Traffic is the lifeblood to every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it your beautiful looking blog will be lost in a sea of mediocrity.
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What Makes Each Of These Software So Special?
Each software in the Mega Software Bundle, has many features and benefits of its own that make it very useful for Online Marketers & Business Owners.
Below are some of features and benefits you will get from using each of these powerful software & tool when you buy The Mega Software Bundle
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Viral Article Producer Normal Value= $30.00

(1)- Generate UNLIMITED Number of Articles in Any Niche

(2)- Pay a one time low cost fee & nothing else

(3)- Quickly and easily generate viral article mini-sites

(4)- Draw your prospects’ and search engines’ attention & Get More Traffic!

(5)-Use the article mini-sites to generate AdSense and affiliate commissions!

(6)- Receive more frequent visits by people who appreciate up-to-date content!

(7)- Generate FREE, UNLIMITED traffic!

(8)- Increase sales by creating high-value follow-up series

(9)- Transform your pages into an authority hub

(10)- Establish yourself as an expert in your field using these well-written articles

(11)- NO HTML Knowledge Required!

(12)- And much, much more!
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You Know Just How Important It is For You To Have Software And Tools To Run An Online Business And Automate It So That It Does What You Want Without Interference, hassle Or Failure.
If You Are Doing Any Sort of Online Marketing Or You Are An Affiliate Marketer. Then You Know Already How Crucial It is To Have Adequate, Powerful & Easy To Use Software and Tools To Run Such a Profitable Business.
Put It This Way. You Cannot Run An Online Business Or Do Online Marketing Without Appropriate Software & Tools
You Want To Make Money Online & Succeed? Then You Have To Invest Acquiring The Right Powerful Software & Tools
What If We Give You 4 Powerful & Amazing Software As a Mega Software Bundle For An Exclusive Unbelievable Price That You Won't Find Else Where. Plus FULL Re-sale Rights Included FREE
Plus Get 2x Powerful Marketing Tools For Free As a Bonus
Theses Powerful Software & Tools Will Help You Overcome Many Difficulties & Troubles Otherwise You Will Face Without Them. Plus Using These Software & Tools Will Save You Precious Time & Money And Help You Run Your Business Smoothly.
See All The Details Below
Here Are The Powerful Software & Tools Wrapped in A Mega Software Bundle
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Software (1)

Software (2)

Software (3)

Software (4)


( Powerful Tool )

Instant Squeeze Builder ........................
Viral Article Producer ............................
WP eBook Maker ....................................
WP Viral Traffic Ninja .............................
Animation Video Squeeze Page ............
Regular Price =
Regular Price =
Regular Price =
Regular Price =
Regular Price =
Total Value=
The Mega Software Bundle Market Value
Price Under Promotion=
Full Resale Rights Included FREE
All these software and tools are fantastic and can help you greatly if you use them in running your online business and in your marketing activities
But we would like to help you even further by giving you the chance to sell these software and tools and Make Even More MONEY!
That's why we have INCLUDED the Resale Rights for FREE in this package for ALL of the software and tools in this Mega Software Bundle
So that you can start using these software and tools as your own online digital product to make even more profit.
This means you can sell the software yourself and keep all the money
Just make one sale to recover your investment plus profit depending on the price you will sell
Also we will even give you a copy of Ready-Made Sales Page to make it really easy for you. Plus many e-covers and images as an additional tools to help you market these software and attract buyers ALL for FREE
And of course How To Use The Software included too.
Just add your own order button ( for example PayPal Button ) to the ready-made page, edit the price you want, upload to your own web host ( this is explained how to do in details ) and you can be ready to take orders instantly.
You can also use the software as a valuable bonus with other items you sell to explode your sales to the roof
Or sell it to your subscribers or members at a discounted price to make them happy, build trust and good relationship with them which is good for long term business and make some money at the same time too
Or give it away free as a valuable bonus or as a lead magnet on your Capture Page/Opt-in Page to grab more subscribers and build your email list quickly

( Money Banking System )

PayPal For Business

We have decided to give you this bonus to help you learn how to bank your money automatically if you decide to sell these software and tools online or if you want to sell your own products as well. And for banking money online there is no better than PayPal. With this Step-By Step Guide & Video Tutorial learn how to open a PayPal Business account and how to create Buttons that you can place on your sales page in order to collect money from buyers online.
PayPal For Business .............................
Regular Price =
WP eBook Maker Normal Value= $27.00

(1)- This is a killer plugin that will allow you to create eBooks right from your website

(2)- It’s simple, fast and reliable to make and sell eBooks & PLR and earn monthly profit

(3)- It has tons of options & features to help you customize your eBook

(4)- Generate UNLIMITED Number of eBooks in Any Niche

(5)- Newbie friendly even if you never touched a WP blog before

(6)- Pay a one time low cost fee & nothing else

(7)- Option to change the order of eBook’s page

(8)- Option to add pages (manually or from post)

(9)-Ability to change the content of the eBook’s page

(10)- Ability to change colors and customize

(11)- Change font and font size as you wish

(12)- Change the layout if required

(13)- Add a picture to look more professional

(14)- User can insert an eBook that has been made to post/pages

(15)- A feature for live preview to check how your eBook look like

(16)- Ability to enter manually or retrieve content from the list of posts

(17)- And much, much more!
WP Viral Traffic Ninja Normal Value= $18.00

(1)- Simple Automated Traffic System

(2)- Drive FREE traffic to any website, blog, landing page, opt-in page or sales page

(3)- Generate UNLIMITED FREE Traffic for any niche

(4)- Pay a one time low cost fee & nothing else

(5)- Simple to install, fast and easy to use even for beginners

(6)- Fully automated Wordpress plugin!

(7)-Just a few minutes of set it up and you are done!

(8)- Uses cookies and IP addresses to prevent cheating!

(9)- Start generating viral traffic with no effort on your part!

(10)- Create unlimited prizes to get massive amounts of free traffic!

(11)- Customize how many referrals are needed to unlock each prize!

(12)- Enjoy a hands-off approach to instant and passive traffic forever!

(13)- Automatically build a massive list by 'legally' bribing your visitors!
Animation Video Squeeze Page Normal Value= $65.00

(1)- Powerful tool that will help you CONVERT higher number or prospects

(2)- Includes a full guide on how to use and install the tool

(3)- Beautiful professionally made e-covers included

(4)- Free web traffic report to offer to your prospects to entice them

(5)- Powerful video squeeze pages templates provided

(6)- Great video and audio resources included

(7)-Opt-in conversions report to understand how to increase conversions

(8)- Beautiful squeeze page templates to use

(9)- PLR profits report to offer as a lead magnet

(10)- Maximum Profits From free reports

(11)- Includes a bonus for you or for your prospects to entice them

(12)- Email templates to offer to prospects to entice them to join your list

(13)- Mobile squeeze page templates to use

(14)- Huge stock of images for opt-in boxes for you to use
PayPal For Business Normal Value= $15.00

(1)- PayPal is one of the most popular and secure ways of paying online

(2)- PayPal offers a way to seamlessly proceed through checkout on your site

(3)- It uses one of the most widely used and secure digital payment solutions

(4)- It's easy to setup and use

(5)- Your clients/customers may already be familiar with PayPal, so its well trusted

(6)- You don't need a merchant account

(7)- Your clients/customers don't need a PayPal account to pay you

(8)- Multi currency payment option is available

(9)- You can create and send invoices right through your account

(10)- PayPal's fees are less than many merchant accounts

(11)- You can set up recurring payments

(12)- You can integrate PayPal with a number of shopping cart systems
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Here’s EXACTLY What You Get Today
(1)- Instant Squeeze Builder: Create your own squeeze pages instantly with absolute breeze.

(2)- Viral Article Producer : Discover How to Produce Profit-Pulling “Viral Article” Mini-Sites in Minutes!.

(3)- WP eBook Maker : Finally a dead-easy, no-frills way to create eBooks with your Website or blogs & make profits

(4)- WP Viral Traffic Ninja : Discover a Simple Automated Traffic System you can use to get UNLIMITED visitors (Traffic) To Your destination page for FREE... With No effort on your part!

PLUS + Get 2X Amazing Bonuses Valued At $80.00 For FREE
BONUS(1)- Animation Video Squeeze Page : A Powerful marketing tool that will help you CONVERT higher number of prospects to subscribers and potentially future buyers

BONUS(2)- PayPal For Business : One of the most popular, trusted, reliable and secure ways to collect payments online, plus its easy to use with any online business or online marketing

PLUS Full Resale Rights Included FREE

With This Resale Rights You Can Sell These Software & Make Even More Money!
You Have No Risk With Our 30 Day
Money Back Guarantee
We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting your hands on this right now.

This Mega Software Bundle consist of some powerful and unique easy-to-use software tool that ELIMINATES everything that’s complicated about making money online.

Sure, you could outsource all this, but you’ll instantly save you countless hours and hundreds of dollars when compared with outsourcing all of this.

To make it easy for you to see just how powerful these software are, we’re giving you 30 days to use this and make sure it’s for you with NO risk.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with this, all you have to do is send us an email, and we’ll get you a prompt refund…

The only way you can lose is if you miss out on this right now…
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